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Indica Dreams

At Indica Dreams, we believe in wellness from within A HOLISTIC approach to wellness CBD is an important part of wellness. But it can’t be your only self-care! That’s why we advocate for a balanced health and wellness plan. We show our community how to use CBD alongside other self-care measures to feel great and flourish–every single day. Safety & Transparency is HUGE We’re not waiting on regulation to “catch up” with the CBD industry to take safety, consistency, and potency seriously. That’s why we choose American farms, the CO2 extraction method, and organically grown hemp. Oh–and why our products are tested three times! To understand how this company came to be…. I invite you to journey back with me to 2017, way before I started Indica Dreams. Back then, I had just found out my mom was very sick, and I was convinced it was a death sentence. As my mom started treatment, my worst fear seemed to be unfolding in front of me. My mom, this intensely vibrant, ZESTY human being… just shriveled. Couldn’t do anything she loved. Got depressed. Became a shadow of herself. I was desperate to help her get her verve back. So I started researching holistic avenues, and here we are. Once my mom incorporated a well rounded wellness routine, she seemed to warm back into herself, she was even able to dance again! From then on, I was fascinated by true wellness, and started on my own journey.

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