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Our Story | Circle Ag Company


During the summer growing up I worked at a local vineyard and the daily process in the sun sparked my interest in the farming industry. Then I was introduced to cannabis and later CBD. I honestly never thought it was anything worth looking into until it came up frequently in my life. From friends to grandparents to dogs and cats, it felt like everyone had or knows someone with great experiences with CBD Products. So now I am just trying to bring my passion for local farming to the industry.


As an advocate for the benefits of cannabis (mental health, weight management, chronic pain, ect.) I was always open to the conversation of CBD. After countless stories of friends and family using it, I knew it was worth the research. Immediately I noticed there was no "brand-name" company in the cannabis space, especially in the CBD sector. Not only that but everyone I talked to didn't have a "go-to" brand other than a family member, friend, or the local shop. This is what stood out the most and I knew I wanted to make a brand that could provide the options people needed in this space. By having a growing surplus of suppliers I am able to do consistent market research and most importantly learn what is most loved by customers.

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